Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oct Review/Nov Goals

October In Review:
I didn't really set any particular goals for October because well, Quest was still quite a mystery to me so the month was less structured and more "go with the flow".

  • First ride US: Completed on 10/8! 
  • First trail ride: Completed like a boss on 10/18, so very proud of her!
  • 2pointober Challenge: Completed with improvement of 2mins to 5:20 mins. The benefits of this exercise are so worth the pain haha I'm planning on doing this every ride as warm up.  

November Goals:
These are probably pretty tame/vague goals but I still don't know Quest's potential and experience with certain things so I think its only fair to stick what has worked last month which was going with her pace.

  • More trail rides, maybe 3-4 (weather pending): We started one yesterday but the route was blocked by construction early on. While short, Quest led a part of the ride with ears forward, feeling confident and calm- I was SO proud. We trotted a section of the trail and she immediately came down to a walk when asked. I'm excited to see how she fares with more trail exposure. 
  • Transitions: Particularly trot-canter-trot. She likes to go straight to a walk when I request a downward transition. We nail all other transitions though so I think this goal is quite within reach. 
  • Work on flying lead changes: We experimented with this the end of last week. I'm pretty sure Quest knows it from WP show training so I'm thinking its mostly on me since I've never gotten to ride one properly. Quest can balance herself quite well counter-cantering though! 
  • No-stirrup November: It's been quite awhile since so the plan is to start with 5-10 minutes and work my way up to at least one full ride...oy vey, my thighs...
  • Start trimming!

The tiniest forelock braid ever


  1. She's such a cutie :) I feel you on the tiny forelock, Red's refuses to grow :P

    1. We can commiserate together! At least her tail is luxuriously long lol Rori's tail was so short that people thought I was riding a baby

  2. Trimming! Hurrah!

    And many other exciting things! You've got so much fun ahead.

    1. I trimmed yesterday! I still need to get more comfortable holding the rasp- it feels so unwieldy right now lol

  3. nice goals! no stirrups november will definitely be challenging... but so worth it! and good luck with the lead changes - they have always been ever-so-elusive for me, tho apparently izzy knows how

    1. I did no-stirrup work at the trot last night and ughh...this is going to be a tough month!