Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Photoshoot

I'm very lucky to have talented friends who know photography. T gifted me with a photoshoot for Christmas last year and it finally got nice enough to actually do pictures last week. Things are still really dead looking here but at least there's no snow on the ground, right?

Much wind. So Arab.
It was my first time free lunging Quest in the upper arena so I was like oh boy, see you never mare. But she was listening and T got a ton of lovely pictures at various gaits, and she came right to me at the end. Quest surprised us both with some jumping on her own and went over the logs several times. She looked like she was having fun and enjoyed it, which bodes well for us and our spring project.
No more secrets, mareface. Now the world knows you can jump.

And of course we got pictures together as well, though I wasn't exactly dressed for a photoshoot since I rushed out from work and changed into whatever I normally wear to the barn.
Happy mare, happy me <3


  1. Great pictures. You guys both look adorable and so happy. :)

  2. T did a great job, and thanks! <3

  3. beautiful photos!! looks like a great time too - Quest looks HAPPY haha

  4. She had forward, happy ears the whole time! The warmer spring weather is doing wonders for her...and me haha