Monday, March 3, 2014

Horse World Expo 2014

What a weekend! My friend and I made it home with roads free from the anticipated snow we were supposed to get tonight. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Long story short, the Horse World Expo was great. My friend and I stayed at a hotel in the area so it was a convenient and quick drive each morning. We picked out the things we wanted to see and do in advance and got to attend lots of demonstrations. My favorite events were the Thoroughbred Makeover Challenge and the trail challenge competition. I came away with tons of food for thought and ideas for things work on and keep improving. And the shopping! I came home with a decent haul:

Gotta stick with my current color theme
Not pictured is my new (first!) schooling jacket and an awesome fitted t-shirt with my donation at the New Vocations' booth. I also got horsey souvenirs for the family. I made sure to try out some saddles too- namely the Tucker endurance and Wintec. I talked to a sales rep and got fitted so now I actually have a better idea of what my butt size is and which saddles I like. My books came in the mail as well so now I have Beyond the Track and Countdown to Broke in my arsenal of reading material to work through. Slowly building up my equine reference library!

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