Monday, February 24, 2014

Brief respite & first solo trail ride!

The endless days of awful cold, ice, and snow eased up if albeit momentarily this past weekend with highs in the low 50s. It seemed like everyone decided to come out of the woodwork; the indoor was super crowded with lessons and boarders riding so after warming up, Rori and I decided to venture out on our first solo trail ride.

There were puddles from all the melting ice and snow and a steady blustering wind that rushed through the trees which could have been problem areas but Rori was fine through it all. Part of our route cut through an open grass field on the farm property that was still laden with crisp snow which she gamely plunged into at first but looked back at me as if to question my sanity why we were struggling through snow drifts when there was a nicely plowed tractor path running right alongside. I acquiesced with a laugh and we finished the rest of the trail on friendlier footing. Halfway through our ride, we passed by two boarders hand walking their horses on the trail, Rori stood nice and still while we exchanged introductions and she got complimented too. It was quite well deserved, according to the GPS we walked 2.1 miles in about 40 minutes. We have a ways to go by CTR standards but more importantly, I was happy and I think Rori enjoyed it as well.

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