Tuesday, November 22, 2016


1. For having a job to continue to afford riding and horse ownership
2. For remaining healthy and physically capable to ride
3. For my non-horsey family becoming slowly more accepting of my horsey-ways

4. For having the opportunity to train and compete my own horse in our first CTR
5. For learning a difficult, yet valuable lesson in patience...some things just take a LOT of time
6. For good friends willing to let me borrow their ponies when I needed saddle time

7. For finding and moving into a new barn with exactly what Quest and I need right now
8. For my adventure mare returning back to 100% soundness
9. (Not as grateful) for moody mare tantrums and jiggy antics...but if you don't have some bad days, you can't appreciate the good days

10. For having a horse partner willing to go the distance and eager to explore trails solo with me
11. For a mare willing to forgive my mistakes yet demands my headspace in the here and now to be a better rider, a better leader
12. For the chance to dream and scheme about distance riding again