Monday, June 13, 2016

Degrees Removed

All quiet on the mareface front...which is always good news.

Quest (9)

I went out to see Quest this past weekend and took my sweet time at the barn since everyone was gone at OD. The weather was gorgeous and actually cold enough to warrant a hoodie. Mareface was hanging out with the rest of the herd when I went to go fetch her from the field- the sight of her so relaxed and happy never fails to reassure me that I made the right choice to move her to 24/7 pasture turnout.

Quest (7)
We had a little entourage following us through in the pasture
The little gray mare behind us is Foray. If I could afford another horse, she'd be mine in a heartbeat.

Quest got all groomed and pretty, slathered the bug bites with ointment. I spent extra time scratching her itchy ears and was awarded with the world's tiniest lower lip wiggle...Sigh, such a stoic. Then hand walk. Fortunately she wasn't super distracted this weekend. It made everyone's lives much easier and 15 minutes didn't feel like an eternity. And as per routine, a nice hand grazing session reward was had at the end.

Quest (8)

It still does suck to be grounded and the weather now is almost too perfect. At least Quest doesn't seem to mind the time off.

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  1. She looks super happy and relaxed - definitely a win! You'll be riding again before you know it!