Friday, May 13, 2016

Let It Go

Sorry if the title immediately conjured the tune and lyrics to a certain song from a certain Disney movie. But it pretty much describes how my week has been going so far and an important lesson that I have been learning.

Smokey (7)

I’ve been getting better sleep lately and thanks to my handy dandy Fitbit, I also know that to be a fact- I’m averaging close to 30 minutes more sleep this week with significantly less "restless" periods. The only major changes in my lifestyle have been more riding and journaling. I used to journal a lot. I’ve picked it up again for various reasons and it has been so cathartic.

As for riding, I got in three rides with Smokey this week already and it has done wonders for my mental health. I'm happier and I feel more energetic despite stepping up my activity level. During my last yoga class I started relaxing earlier in the session; it usually takes me close to the entire hour to finally let go of distractions that play around the edge of my mind.

Relaxing is as natural as breathing when I am with horses though. On my first night working with Smokey, A suggested that I lunge him first. When I turned him out in the dustbowl, someone decided that he’d rather stick right by me instead of taking off. Capitalizing on the moment, I decided to do a quick liberty session with w/t, whoa, and back up. There were some sticky moments but overall Smokey was so very good and mirrored my every move. Clever boy…He might not be my Quest, but he’s certainly sneaky sneaking his way into my heart already. We finished the night with a great w/t/c bareback ride hanging out in the arena with A and T. It was the happiest I had been in a long time.
Smokey (8)

I purchased a navy saddle pad just for Smokey’s use earlier in the week from someone on FB and it arrived yesterday just in time for me try out. The weather was gorgeous and the trails were beckoning so we headed out with T and Nickers for a quick jaunt.

Smokey (5)

It was our first time out together and Smokey did fine. He got quick at points but it was never bad, just excitement at being out of the ring and moving along. We did w/t/c and he responded nicely to my requests to half halts. Being on the trail again riding with friends did me a world of good. I had no idea that I missed it so much. I feel very fortunate that I was the first choice when A and D were looking for someone to pick up rides on Smokey. I’m not sure how long the arrangement will last but I’m going to enjoy every moment now.

Smokey (6)

Tomorrow is Quest day. I’ll go to the barn early morning to give her some loving and do our handwalk. I feel guilty that my work schedule and the distance prevents me from taking a more active role in her rehabilitation and spending more time with her during the week. This mindset is totally classic me though- trying to change things that are out of my control. I’ve always been tough on myself and I don’t think that’s going to ever really change but I can work on moving forward and focusing on what I can do.

While Quest's injury has set us back quite a bit from our initial goal, as a wise friend recently said me “…this will be over before you know it and you'll be on the other side. You'll look back on this and it'll just be a blip in your adventure with her.”

And you know what, I totally believe every word of that.


  1. so glad you're having so much fun with Smokey!!! and i get it - it's so hard to not get caught up in all those terrible and upsetting details... but you're so right. we can't control it so we might as well not dwell, right? have fun visiting Quest!

    1. I didn't know how much I missed having that extra horse time during the week until I got it back- absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder haha

  2. It's very true, and I've never seen the disney movie and thankfully not really heard the song either, except when small children garble scream it, but yeah the saying has been marred for me, thanks a lot disney. I used to say it to myself a lot, now I just repeat.. this will pass.

    1. It's something that I am still learning and will probably spend my whole life struggling with, but agree 100%. All in good time.