Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter Escape

Well, our luck ran out and we finally got snow. A ton of snow. The blizzard forced me to hunker down so I wasn't able to get out to the barn until today.

Quest has been hanging out in pasture for about two weeks though she was doing quite well all snug in her blanket (I'm so glad I had remembered to bring the heavyweight Rambo earlier in the month and just in time).

I debated what to do the entire drive up to the barn. If the trails were too icy, I simply hoped to do a handwalk on the street or groundwork. If we were lucky, I could maybe even hop on for a bareback jaunt around the pasture. Well, we got SUPER lucky and the trails ended up being nice enough for us to get in a leisurely 6-mile ride. We walked most of it and only moved out where the footing was even and safe. It was our first time cantering in the snow and mareface did so well!

Traffic on the trails was low; there were a handful of hikers and we encountered a few cross country skiers. It was Quest's first experience I think as she was all ears-up and alert the first time though it was NBD every time after that. I love how quickly she figures stuff out. 

We detoured off the trail to head to the hay field for some zooming but I immediately spotted a hunter's blind when we entered the big clearing.  Even if it was unmanned, turning around seemed prudent. We opted for more trails and got more cantering in that way.

There is something truly magical about riding in the snow. It was incredibly relaxing and I found myself feeling nothing but pure happiness. There was really no where else I'd rather be.


  1. Beautiful. Riding in the snow is bliss. Plus it is a really good workout. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    PS- I'm new to your blog and have been doing some back reading to catch up. I can't wait to read your first ride story. ~ Sara from Roaming Rider

    1. As much as I had fun, I'd like my trails clear and snow-free haha And thanks for stopping by :) I'm excited to keep up with your adventures too!

  2. aw good girl Quest! sounds like a perfect and pleasant ride :D

    1. It was one of those rides that was just exactly what you needed :) Best part was the snow was just perfect for moving out safely.