Monday, February 3, 2014

Wintery Mix

I went out to see Rori after my morning lesson and hung out with her in the pasture for awhile. She was very easy to catch this time around gave her quiet pets and scratches with the lead line around her neck. I was meeting C for a lesson so I got her groomed and tacked up. We got her fitted with the biothane headstall and reins I bought from someone in a FB endurance tack exchange community and it worked out very nicely. I've got a nice used Zilco breastplate coming in so the set will be somewhat complete in the next few weeks. We did some trails around the property and asides from being a little looky, Rori did well despite the fact she had not been worked with since the last time I got on her. The lease starts this month so I’m excited to spend more time with her. We totally had an aww moment together when she lowered her head and shut her eyes while I groomed her face. She looked so happy and relaxed, I love little moments like that.

View from the driveway leading up to the main barn area.
Rori stuffing her face with pasture buddy Rising Red Storm, aka "Timmy"
Wearing her breakfast in the most dignified manner
Looking good in orange! She's so spoiled <3

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  1. She looks gorgeous! I have a weird quirk about reading blogs from start to finish, so I'll be making my way through the story!