Tack List

I started with no tack and knew very little when I began riding as an adult beginner. When I picked endurance riding as my sport of choice, I did a ton of research into what equipment to put my money towards. Being able to learn what worked/didn't work for veteran distance riders helped tremendously in informing my decisions and I'd  like to "pass it forward" in kind.

I'm all about function and efficiency so what doesn't work out usually gets either sold or replaced very quickly. Here's an abbreviated list of what I mainly use in hopes that it may help others who were curious or are interested in getting started in the sport. This is what works for me and my horse. Your experience may vary.

Thorowgood Maxam
Black Forest Shasta

Saddle Pads
Skito Endurance
Supracor Cool Grip
Toklat Coolback Half pad

Biothane trail breastplate
Biothane running martingale

Rope halter
Biothane headstall
Yacht rope reins

Hoof Protection
Easyboot Gloves

Saddle/Trail Bags
Hydration backpack
Easycare Stowaway cantle
Snugpax pommel